Want to know how to verify Instagram? There are six simple steps to submit an Instagram verification request and get the blue box you want.

If you want to know how to verify Instagram, you are in the right place. In this tutorial, we’ll tell you how to apply for that coveted blue badge (that’s the easy part) and give you some tips to help you qualify (that’s the hard part).

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What does it mean to verify Instagram?
Instagram verification is how you prove that your Instagram account is the real presence of a famous person, known as a global brand.

You’ve probably seen a lot of verification badges around. Like Twitter, Facebook and, yes, Tinder, the little blue ticks are meant to show that the platform is verifying that the account is trustworthy, or at least that they are who they say they are.

These badges are designed to display real accounts so Instagram users can make sure they’re following the right person or brand. They are easy to find in search results and profiles and convey authority.

It’s easy to see why badges of verification are also a desired status symbol. They’re rare, and exclusivity confers a certain amount of prestige—which may or may not translate into better participation.

This makes it clear to Instagram that verified accounts (such as business accounts) are not given special consideration by Instagram’s algorithm. In other words: if it’s true that verified accounts get higher engagement on average, it’s because they’re posting good content that resonates with their audience. Who can be verified on Instagram?
Anyone can claim and have a verified Instagram badge. However, Instagram is famously picky (and in many ways mysterious) about who is actually being proven. So if you have an account that’s on the cusp of “outstanding,” how do you know you’ve followed ethics?

For example, having a blue tick on Twitter or Facebook doesn’t guarantee you’ll get one on Instagram. Instagram is honest and says that “Very few public figures, celebrities and brands verify Instagram badges.” In other words: “only accounts with a high probability of impersonation.”

Here’s what we know about the qualifiers.

First, you must comply with the terms and conditions and guidelines for the network’s community services. In addition, your account must meet each of the following criteria:

Truth: Does your account represent a real person, registered company or brand? You cannot be a meme page or fan account.
Unique: Only one account per person or company can be verified on Instagram, excluding language-specific accounts. Public: Private Instagram accounts are not eligible for verification.
Full: Do you have a full bio, profile picture and at least one post?
Unique: things can be subjective here, but Instagram defines a celebrity name as someone who is “famous” and “highly in demand.”
If you’re sure you’ve achieved this behavior or feel like rolling the dice, it’s time to go ahead and verify your Instagram account.

Can you get an Instagram verification badge that is not popular?
The good news is: You can!

As long as you can’t display all of the above behaviors and provide evidence of “uniqueness” (such as proving that the person, brand, organization, publication, or pet represented on your account is in the public interest), you can be verified on Instagram. Technically, the number of followers is not a criterion when it comes to Instagram verification.

How to Request Verification on Instagram: 6 Steps
The Instagram verification process is really simple:

Go to your profile and tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner
Tap Settings
Tap Account
Tap Request Verification

Fill out the application form.
Your legal name
Your “known” or work name (if any)
Select your category or industry (eg: blogger / influencer, sports, news / media, company / brand / organization, etc.)
You must also submit a photo of your official ID. For individuals, this can be a driver’s license or a passport. For companies, an energy bill, an official business document or a tax return is possible. Click Submit.
According to Instagram, after their team reviews your application, you will receive a response in the notification tab. Due to historical and ongoing issues with scammers, Instagram is very clear that they will not email you, ask for money, or otherwise contact you.

You will receive an instant yes or no within a few days or a week. No feedback or explanation. Tips to get verified on Instagram
Yes, anyone can request Instagram verification. But getting consent is actually even harder.

We review and compile all the best practices that will maximize your chances of success as you continue your efforts to prove your brand’s uniqueness.

Do not attempt to purchase a verification badge
Let’s take this first: that person in your comments who says his friend works on Instagram? Please don’t give him any money. The same goes for any third-party app that offers “full refunds”.

Same for the account you DM because they want to sell you their badge because they “don’t need it anymore”.

Instagram scammers know that people and companies get emotional over blue checks, and some are very effective at making them look legitimate, so be careful. And keep in mind that Instagram will never ask for a fee and will never contact you.

Thickness; dr: The only way to prove it is through the official form, unless you’re Jennifer Aniston (in which case, scroll down to Tip #7: Work with an agency or publicist, or maybe stop reading this article because you did!) .

Check for fraudulent accounts
If you are struggling with persistent unauthorized, fake or fan accounts impersonating your brand, then we have good news for you. You are a prime candidate for Instagram verification. After all, identifying genuine fake accounts is the stated purpose of verification.

Your annual social media review should clarify whether account fraud is a problem for you. You want to monitor and document these accounts using a social media monitoring tool like Zerofox’s Hootsuite integration.

Get a lot of (real) followers
You know, we don’t have any numbers, but it really seems like sometimes you need a ridiculous amount of followers to do that. There is no absolute proof that this is a true rule, but – isn’t it harmful? Or maybe correlation means no causation at all?

In fact, it’s more likely that as people or brands become more important on and off Instagram, the number of followers will grow with it.

If you want to stick to the bet and play it both ways – the chicken and the egg – here are some inspirations on how to get more followers on Instagram.

Pro tip: Don’t just take the shortcut and buy your Instagram followers. (Also, violating the Community Guidelines and then asking Instagram to verify your account is an effective way to hack into your account.)

Delete all cross-platform links in your bio
In what some are calling a small step (we never dare), Instagram says verified accounts don’t have so-called “add me” links to other social media services on some Instagram profiles. You can link to your website, landing pages or other online services, never link to your YouTube or Twitter account.

On the other hand, if you have a blue badge on your Facebook profile but not an Instagram account, Instagram clearly encourages you to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page to prove your authenticity.

Look good
Social media is more about random, organic discovery (that’s for the Instagram Explore page though – and expanding it can have a real impact on your engagement and followers).

But when it comes to verification, Instagram wants to know if people care enough to disavow leads and automatically type your name into the search box.

Although Instagram doesn’t provide an analysis of this data, we’ll put money on Instagram’s verification team having access and checking how often users search for you. Which brings us to the next point…

Ask if your name is in the news
Google yourself. Is your brand featured in multiple news sources? Did you receive the latest press release as a white paper? Do you have the voice or profile of a major international publication? The fee as promotional content absolutely does not count. If PR hasn’t been a priority for your brand yet, you may have a harder time proving how “famous” you are. Especially since there’s nowhere to present your evidence: Instagram does its own research, so it’s up to you to make sure your messages are top-notch and can’t be ignored.

If you’ve had a recent windfall or are planning a big announcement, consider taking advantage of it and apply for this tag while your name is hot.

Work with an agency or publicist
If you have the budget and the ambition, hire a reputable digital agency with access to Facebook’s media partner support tool. Your issuer as a representative will be able to submit requests for usernames, account mergers and account verification through their industry portal. Is authentication guaranteed? Of course not. However, a request from an industry professional through the Media Partner Support Panel carries more weight and sets you apart from the crowd.

This tip should go without saying, but since the consequences are dire, we feel compelled to promote it. Op

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